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Subscriptions              Monthly                                Annual

Platinum                    €40.00                           €450.00

Gold                          €30.00                           €355.00

Silver                         €25.00                           €295.00

Bronze                       €15.00                           €175.00

If you would like to stop the service and re-connect again, please be warned there is a €40.00 reconnection fee. 30 days notice of cancellation is required after the first 12 months.

Switch on / Switch Off            7 Days          14 Days         1 Month

Gold                                       €20.00         €30.00          €50.00

With Switch on Switch Off there is no re-connection fee. When you wish to switch on you pay via an Internet subscription page.

MOBILE TV (For clients with a full subscription)

Platinum                   15.00€ per month per user

Gold                         12.50€ per month per user

Silver                        10.00€ per month per user



IPTV Set Top Box:                 145.00€

WiFi Adaptor:                         25.00€

5 Port Ethernet Switch             25.00€

Power Line Adaptor                 60.00€

Home Installation                   35.00€

Android Multi-Media Box:        100.00€   (For use with Mobile TV in a 2nd room)

Failure to maintain monthly payments will result in disconnection.

Reconnection will only occur after payment of the re-connection fee plus

the new subscription.

Payment by PayPal, Cash, Credit Card or Bank Transfer.

Monthly payments are made by PayPal subscription.

(Bank Transfer payments take three days to clear before delivery or activation)

You may switch between plans when you current payment period expires. No requirement to change your box.

Paying too much to your current Service Provider, We can upgrade your existing MAG 250 /254 / 256 Box.

The Switch On / Switch Off facility is ideal for holiday let apartments and those who are only here for part of the year.