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For this service, a good reliable Internet service of at least 2Mb is required, Connection to your router is by cable, WiFi adaptor or a Power Line Adaptor.
Our IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) service offers excellent quality on plasma or LCD TVs of any size but for the best quality we recommend using a digital HDMI connection. The service is also rich in features so your TV is converted into a “Smart” TV and via the tiny set top box you have web access to You Tube, Google and the usual web browsing.
The MAG322 also provides a 14 day catch-up service on all the main channels as well as recording facilities to a USB pen drive or USB Hard Drive. Our IPTV service is truly plug and play and requires no specialist installation. Simply connect to your router wired or by wireless (USB wireless adaptor purchased separately) and connect to your TV and away you go!
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Don’t worry about losing your
*  Watch your favourite TV channels on
   your HD or SD television.

*  No satellite dish or computer required

*  Easy self install, plug and play

*  Never miss a program again

*  14 day catch up service

*  Download programs from catch-up
   onto a memory stick or hard drive.

EUROBOX IPTV (Internet Protocol TeleVision)