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An IPTV System is a managed system, by that we mean that all your programs are gathered and held on our large computer system. We also record all of the programs, for up to a 14 day period, of the UK television channels as well as the main movie and sports channels. So by using the catchup service you never miss a program.

The system has program menus, seven day program guides, movies on demand, box sets, music albums  and all the main UK TV and radio stations. Our computer engineers are on duty 24/7 to maintain the system, your TV Box is linked directly to our servers, we are responsible for the link and the program availability. Therefore there is an annual or monthly charge to pay for this managed service.

The Internet will never be as perfect as the satellite system but that is no longer available. We try to maximise the system up time but occasionally there will downtime or maintenance on some channels, we try to keep this to a minimum and advise, where possible, when this is going to happen.


Please remember, regardless of the system you choose, you will need a minimum of a steady 3Mb Internet service, with a Ping of less than 120 ms and unlimited download capacity for Standard Definition and at least 8Mb for High Definition.

If you are unsure which system is right for you or if your Internet is suitable call our sales team for further information.